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1. The earphones


The sound isolating ear gels shut out the surrounding noise and provides you with a rich bass and crisp highs. They come with multiple ear gels so you can customize the earphones for the best comfort and sound isolation. The mic and remote lets you manage music, volume and take calls without loosing speed. Learn more

The design allows ambient sound in to keep you safe on the way without compromising the audio experience. For the active user the unique ear gels ensure an unparalleled form and fit experience. The sweat-resistant design will withstand your sweaty workouts. Learn more



1,495 SEK

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It is not a square, it is not a circle, it is the Squircle. It is the essential shape of PUGZ and the key to our innovative charging solution. It is magnetically powered, made of 18K gold and unlocks a world of possibilities.

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